Defining Satan

The lexica agree on the point that the noun שָׂטָן in general means “adversary”, or “opponent.”⁶ The [word] can have this role in a number of arenas, including jurisprudence, military, and political. The lexica begin to diverge slightly only on the issue of whether or not שָׂטָן can be used as a proper name.

Frequency. While the lexical data is useful as a starting place, the context in which the word is used should be the first indicator of the meaning. The word occurs 33 times in the Hebrew bible in its various forms,⁷ including 7 forms that are verbal (3 participles, 2 infinitives, and 2 imperfects)⁸.  שָׂטָן is most likely related to שׂטם, which means “to be at enmity with, be hostile towards.”⁹ Two of the 6 uses of שׂטם in the Old Testament are found in Job.¹⁰ This is rather significant because the word refers to God, a point we will expand upon later in our discussion.

The article. The role that the [definite] article plays in usage with שָׂטָן is very important in determining the role of Satan in the Old Testament. Of the 26 occurrences of the noun form, 16 include the attached definite article prefix. Of the 16, 14 include all the occurrences of the noun in Job (1:6, 7 (2x), 8, 9, 12 (2x), 2:1, 2 (2x), 3, 4, 6, 7). The two remaining uses with the article occur in Zechariah 3:2.

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Author: Jared W. Bridges

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Source: The Role of Satan in the Old Testament, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, December 3, 2002.

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