Purim Poetry Slam

This song goes out to Ahmadinejad,The Jews don’t fear you, we fear God,We don’t give a damn, about your evil plans,Cause no man can stand up against God’s hand,Not first to curse us, won’t be the last,And if I were you a would learn from the past,Many came before you to do us wrong,But they’re all long gone and we still stand strong.

In ancient Iran lived a man named Haman,Who rose in the capital of Shushan,When he walked down the street every man he would meet,Was commanded to bow to the ground at his feet,But there was one guy, named Mordechai,A Jew who served only God Most High,Day after day, he refused to obey,So Haman decided to make him pay,But it wasn’t enough just to kill one man,Instead he devised a grand master plan,And persuaded the king to kill every Jew,From the land Cush all the way Hodu,Drew random lots to determine the date,Put our people’s lives in the hands of fate,And it fell on the thirteenth day of Adar,They would slay every Jew both near and far,When we heard the news we wept and fasted,Sackcloth and ashes spread through the masses,We humbled our hearts, all of Yisrael,Prayed that the wicked Haman would fail.

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Author: Ari Lesser

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Bible reference(s): Esther 1, Esther 2, Esther 3, Esther 4, Esther 5, Esther 6, Esther 7, Esther 8, Esther 9

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