Souls Subject to Death

What is the soul’s relation to death?

[I]t would have been quite possible for the Scriptures never to have mentioned soul in connection with death. Many other terms and expressions could have been used. So that when we find that in nearly 300 places (one-third of the total uses of the word) souls are described as being mortal, subject to death, from which they can be saved and delivered, it is quite clear that God is taking special pains to give us correct ideas on this subject, and remove all excuse for believing in “immortal souls”. Examples of this are:

One out of every three occurrences of the word are of this character — referring to its mortality and liability to death... The most prominent fact regarding the soul that is forced upon our attention throughout is its frailty and danger of destruction. Upon this is based the one great lesson of Scripture:

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Author: Gilbert V. Growcott

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Source: Gilbert V. Growcott.

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