Did Christ Pre-Exist?

“If there is, among the distinctive articles of the Christian faith, one which is basic to all the others, it is this: that our Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, became man for our salvation,” writes a prominent theologian and educator.

This statement would agree with the catechisms and teaching of the major part of Christendom. That Christ is eternal as the Father and has existed with Him from the beginning is almost universally accepted. The doctrine has been so long established that to the average layman its truth is beyond question. But is it the teaching of the Bible? Will it stand the test of “Prove all things”?

Christianity began with the Man Christ. Jesus Christ, miraculously conceived of the Virgin Mary, was first an infant, then a youth, then a mature man. The early disciples understood Him to be a man, the Son of God; a man who walked and talked with them, a man who taught them with simple illustrations about the glorious Kingdom of God. They witnessed His brutal murder; they saw Him and ate with Him after His resurrection from the dead. They saw Him depart from them as He was taken up into heaven. All these events were historical happenings such as might have happened to any one of them.

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Source: Understanding the Bible: Did Christ Pre-Exist? (Rochester, NY: Megiddo Press).

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