Studies in John: The Prologue

The background of ideas, Gentile and Jewish, of the opening verses of John’s gospel, and some of the associations of the words he uses. The Old Testament shewn to be most essential to the understanding of his words.

The introduction to the Gospel of John gives the divine genealogy of Jesus. It is presented in forms that require a little knowledge of contemporary thought as a guide to its understanding. But, and much more important, a good understanding of the Old Testament is necessary to comprehend its meaning.

In the first century ease of travel led to the constant movement of teachers of different schools of thought. The West, tired of its philosophies, turned to the East for guidance; and the meeting of East and West quickened thought and speculation. Everywhere in the civilised world men met, talked, discussed. Into such a world the Lord’s ambassadors came with the gospel of the kingdom.

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Author: Tecwyn Morgan

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Bible reference(s): John 1

Source: John Carter, “The Gospel of John,” Christadelphian Magazine, Volume 74, pp. 49-52.

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