Asking Why We Have Suffered: The Jews in the News

Why have we been in exile? Why have we suffered? These have been the burning and inescapable questions of Jews for generations. It is an established fact that we have been in exile for nineteen centuries—scattered everywhere, for regardless of where one travels he finds the Jew.

However, in spite of our long dispersion of two thousand years, we remain Jews. Though some may deprecate the national character of our people, the world considers us nothing else but a separate people. Assimilation has been tried and found wanting. To take refuge in the idea that only religiously we differ from our fellow citizens, is but an ostrich-attempt to blind ourselves to the facts. Was it because of our religion that we were persecuted and exterminated by the Nazis?…

It must be some gross sin that drove us out of Eretz Israel… But we have been sent as a body from our glorious land, driven by the sword of the enemy from our hearths, and drowned in rivers of blood. And from that day on, we have known little but sorrow upon sorrow as our own Moses foretold; “The Lord shall give thee a trembling heart, a failing of eyes, and sorrow of mind.”

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Author: Jews in the News

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Source: “Why We Have Suffered,” The Testimony, Vol. 21, No. 246, June 1951, pp. 170-1.

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