Three In One: History of the Trinity

In the “Book of Common Prayer”, which every candidate for ordination and every clergyman to the Church of England avows to uphold, is the doctrine of the Trinity, which is said to mean that, the Father is God, the Holy Ghost is God, and the Son is God; yet there are not three Gods but one God! Many attempts have been made to explain how this could possibly be, but even the most ardent Trinitarians have been compelled to “give it up”, and admit that the doctrine is “incomprehensible”.

One gallant champion of the doctrine tried to illustrate it by means of three candles, which he lit, explaining to his audience: “There are three candles — quite separate from and independent, of each other, and yet there is but one light”. “Yes”, remarked one of the onlookers; “True, but you must admit there are three candles, and not one candle”.

To be consistent with his creed, the Trinitarian would have to say, “There is one candle on the right, one candle on the left, and one candle in the middle; and yet there are not three candles, but one candle”!

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Author: Frank G. Jannaway

Keywords: Trinity, Three witnesses, Three witness, Triunity, Tri unity, God the Son, Eternal Son, Father Son Holy Spirit, Father Son Holy Ghost

Bible reference(s): 1 John 5:7

Source: Christadelphian Answers (Houston: Herald Press), pp. 2-4.

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