Christ's Temptation of the Devil

If we desire to have a correct understanding of this narrative we must divest our minds of preconceived ideas, and engrave on the clear surface a distinct impression of the Christ of the Apostle’s testimony “The Man Christ Jesus.” This man — for he was a man — a man approved of God among the Jews — was the promised prophet that God said He would raise up unto Israel from among their brethren, like unto Moses. If we fail to grasp this reality we cannot appreciate the truth of the temptation.

The difference between this man and other men lies in the fact that he was begotten by the Holy Spirit of God instead of being begotten by man, hence he was called “the only begotten of the Father,” and therefore Son of God as well as Son of Man, the Son of Mary, the handmaid of the Lord.

This is the second man. The first was made out of the dust, the second was begotten from a virgin. Being the Son of God, he was the image of his Father. The likeness lay not in the outward form, for he was in the likeness of sinful flesh — a man. The Godlikeness was in the understanding, a characteristic reflection of the Deity — Godliness manifested in the flesh. The Divine features were engraved by the Spirit upon the brain of the woman’s seed, hence as his intellect developed by experience the faithful likeness of the Deity could be seen as in a mirror, “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father”1 was the phrase by which he expressed this truth to the disciples.

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Author: T. Royce

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Bible reference(s): Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:13, Luke 4:2-13, Hebrews 2:18, Hebrews 4:15

Source: “Christ’s Temptation of the Devil,” The Testimony, Vol. 7, No. 80, August 1937, p. 292-6.

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