The Uncapitalized Spirit

For Jews, first and foremost, the translation of the Bible is the translation of the Hebrew Bible, which in contents is the same as the Protestant Old Testament, but it has a different order... In my preferred kind of translation, the Hebrew appears on one page, and then facing it is the English, or German, or other modern language into which it’s been translated. Because this reminds us that the translation should be seen not as a replacement but as an accompaniment to it. And a Jewish translation will always give greater attention to the Jewish exegetical tradition, and a Jewish translation will exclude any kind of translation or interpretation that has been associated with Christians.

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Author: Leonard Greenspoon

Keywords: Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Ruach, Ruah, Spirit of God

Bible reference(s): Genesis 1:1

Source: “How Jews Translate the Bible and Why,” 15 Minute History podcast, Episode 67.

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