Torah Series: Numbers

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Apparently, the Israelites. This video relates the epic journey of God’s chosen people as they bungle their way to the promised land. From Mt. Sinai to Moab, we see the Israelites behaving in disobedience to God (shocker) and doubting His plan (you don’t say?). Responding to the continued mutiny of His people (even Moses—say it ain’t so!), God eventually grants them what they want: exile. Yet despite their rejection, God continues to protect them, illustrating the Torah’s interwoven theme of His faithfulness (promise?).

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Author: The Bible Project

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Bible reference(s): Numbers 1, Numbers 2, Numbers 3, Numbers 4, Numbers 5, Numbers 6, Numbers 7, Numbers 8, Numbers 9, Numbers 10, Numbers 11, Numbers 12, Numbers 13, Numbers 14, Numbers 15, Numbers 16, Numbers 17, Numbers 18, Numbers 19, Numbers 20, Numbers 21, Numbers 22, Numbers 23, Numbers 24, Numbers 25, Numbers 26, Numbers 27, Numbers 28, Numbers 29, Numbers 30, Numbers 31, Numbers 32, Numbers 33, Numbers 34, Numbers 35, Numbers 36

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