The helpful note in the NIV Study Bible on Genesis 1:26 points out that God involved His angels in some way with creation. Angels, when they appear, look like men (Genesis 18:2). Both man and angels bear a resemblance to God Himself.

“When angels appear in the Old Testament they are frequently described as men (Genesis 18:2). And in fact the use of the singular verb in v. 27 does in fact suggest that God worked alone in the creation of mankind. ‘Let us create man’ should therefore be regarded as a divine announcement to the heavenly court, drawing the angelic host’s attention to the master stroke of creation, man. As Job 38:4,7 puts it: ‘When I laid the foundation of the earth all the Sons of God shouted for joy’ (cp. Luke 2:13-14)” (Word Biblical Commentary).

“The Old Testament can scarcely be used as authority for the existence of distinctions within the Godhead. The use of ‘us’ by the divine speaker (Genesis 1:26, 3:22, 11:7) is strange, but it is perhaps due to His consciousness of being surrounded by other beings of a loftier order than men (Isaiah 6:8)” (A. B. Davidson, Hastings Dictionary of the Bible, 3:205).

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Author: George Booker

Keywords: Triplural, Triplurality, Tri-plural, Tri plural, Tri plurality, Three in one, Trinity, Triunity, Tri unity, Jesus is God, Plural of majesty, Majestic plural

Bible reference(s): Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 3:22

Source: “Gen. 1:26, Us,” The Agora.

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