Atchalta De'Geulah

In the Jewish classical texts, Atchalta De'Geulah (Aramaic: אתחלתא דגאולה; Hebrew: התחלת הגאולה, Hatchalat ha-Geulah, lit. “the beginning of the redemption”) is the period of time in which a new stage of revival in the process of the redemption and the coming of the Jewish Messiah. Hence, a pivotal point in time, since it is the initial stage of the salvation process that constitutes a different period in time, in many senses, and especially different from all previous period of times. It is the core idea of the Religious Zionism movement.

In the Jewish classical texts, from the Gemara and on, one may find many characteristics to the various stages of the redemption. Among the most notable of them are:

One of the fathers of the Religious Zionist Movement, a movement whose belief is that redeeming the Land of Israel and the establishment of the state of Israel will bring about the Jewish Messiah, was Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaCohen Kook (“HaRaAYaH”). In numerous references, he called our present times Atchalta De'Geulah. In his epistle from 1918 (תרע"ח Hebrew calendar) he writes:

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