Thomas Belsham and Other Scholars on John 8:58

“Before Abraham was, I was already, in God’s plan, the Messiah.” Is this what Jesus means in John 8:58?

In this episode we hear some thoughts on John 8 from F. F. Bruce, Dr. James F. McGrath, and Thomas Belsham. Belsham quotes several early modern scholars on various sides of the issue, including the great Nathaniel Lardner, who, like Belsham, believed that John 8 should be read in the context of rabbinic wisdom, second temple Judaism, meaning, a notational preexistence. In other words, the Messiah was foreknown by God from the foundation of the world, even though his physical existence was not come into being until the birth of Jesus.

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Author: Dale Tuggy

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Bible reference(s): John 8:42, John 8:56-59

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