The Revised Version

And now let us watch the Revisers at their work. Before each man lies a sheet with a column of the Authorised Version printed in the middle, leaving a wide margin on either side for suggested alterations, the left hand for changes in the Greek text, and the right for those referring to the English rendering. These sheets are already covered with notes, the result of each Reviser’s private study of the passage beforehand. After prayers and reading of the minutes, the chairman reads over for the company part of the passage on the printed sheet (Matthew 1:18-25), and asks for any suggested emendations.

At the first verse a member, referring to the notes on his sheet, remarks that certain old manuscripts read “the birth of the Christ” instead of “the birth of Jesus Christ”. Dr. Scrivener and Dr. Hort state the evidence on the subject, and after a full discussion it is decided by the votes of the meeting that the received reading has most authority in its favour; but, in order to represent fairly the state of the case, it is allowed that the margin should contain the words, “Some ancient authorities read ‘of the Christ’.”

Some of the members are of opinion that the name “Holy Ghost” in the same verse would be better if modernised into “Holy Spirit,” but as this is a mere question of renderings, it is laid aside until the textual corrections have been discussed. The next of importance is the word “firstborn” in ver. 25, which is omitted in many old authorities. Again the evidence on both sides is fully stated, and the members present, each of whom has already privately studied it before, vote on the question, the result being that the words “her firstborn” are omitted.

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Author: Paterson Smyth

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Bible reference(s): 1 John 5:7-8

Source: “Borrowed Pens,” The Testimony, Vol. 8, No. 94, October 1938, pp. 426-7.

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