Why Should A Person Get Married?

I’ll first explain some ideas behind the Jewish notion of marriage and why it is essential, and then refute some common arguments against getting married.

One of the main reasons for getting married is to help each other grow through a life-long process of emotional, intellectual and spiritual sharing and challenge. This is the meaning of the verse, “It is not good, this state of mans being alone; I will make a helpmate opposite to him” (Genesis 2:18). As long as a person is single, it is not good—meaning not only is the person incomplete, but the entire Creation is also lacking perfection (Rabbi S. R. Hirsch). The purpose of this union is that each should help the other reach perfection. Sometimes this is achieved by sharing; sometimes by opposing, questioning and challenging. This ideal dynamic of “opposing-helpmate” is best achieved between a man and woman committed to a love for growth together for life.

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