Myth-busting Gladwell's Goliath

For many Bible students the workplace occupies much of our waking lives, and it is inevitable that the subjects of religion, belief and spirituality will eventually become a subject of discussion with co-workers. Whilst this is undoubtedly a fantastic opportunity to witness our faith, I often engage in such discourse with a level of apprehension.

This apprehension comes from three places. First, a desire to maximise the impact and relevance of any comment I make, knowing that opportunities for genuine conversation on the Bible arise only infrequently. Second, my awareness of “the curse of knowledge”. I fear that my years ... have inoculated me from being able to speak simply about the Bible. Finally, the diversity of religious systems, sacred writings, and spiritual practices in the world today often make belief appear to be a matter of personal preference rather than reasoned faith.

In order to grasp these preaching opportunities it is essential to provide a credible narrative that evidences our beliefs.

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Author: Nathan Kitchen

Keywords: Gigantism, Acromegaly, Goliath, Goliath giant, Philistine giant, David Goliath, Giant, How tall was Goliath, Height of Goliath, Pituitary

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Source: “Mythbusting Gladwell’s Goliath,” Defence & Confirmation, Vol. 2, Issue 3, June 2015, pp. 33-38.

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