The Prosperity Gospel

In this video, the Global Conversation focuses on the prosperity gospel—the teaching that true Christian faith results in material wealth and physical well-being. While it has its roots in America, it has found fertile soil on other continents as well. Director Nathan Clarke went to Ghana to explore the forms the prosperity gospel takes in that West African nation.

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Author: The Global Conversation

Keywords: prosperity gospel, prosperity, prosperity preacher, prosperity preachers, gullible, gullible Christians, Africa, easy believism, shallow Christianity, African, false teacher, false teachers, name it claim it, wealth, riches, charlatan, charlatans, false teaching, false prophets

Bible reference(s): Mat 7:15, Mat 24:11, Mar 13:22, Act 20:29-30, Rom 16:18, 1Ti 4:1-2, 2Pe 2:1, 1Jo 4:1

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