Drachma; Dram

drak ́ma, (δραχμή, drachmḗ): The word is used in the Septuagint as the rendering of בּקע, beḳa‛, “half-shekel,” which must refer to the light standard for the shekel, as its weight was about 62 grains. In the New Testament the word occurs only in Luke 15:8, 15:9, where it is rendered “a piece of silver” (m “drachma”). It was commonly taken as equivalent to the Roman denarius, though not strictly so.

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Author: International Std. Bible Encyclopedia

Keywords: Drachma, Dram, Money, Sheckel, Shekel, Coin, Silver, Piece of silver, Denarius, Denarious

Source: James Orr (editor), The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, 5 volume set.

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