The Miracle and Numbers of the Exodus

Dr. W. J. Young’s article in last month’s issue was unusual in that few students ever face the task of working out the Exodus statistics and their implications; but it lacked completeness in that the true value of this exercise and the light it sheds on Israel’s experiences were apparently overlooked by the writer. Unfortunately, the article merely dealt with statistics and did not take into consideration the miraculous and the Divine. Figures alone are by no means conclusive—and at times can even be misleading! On mere statistics, it could even be argued that the Feeding of the Five Thousand was unproved, if not impossible! Yet the Exodus and Israel’s journey to Canaan is as much a Divinely performed miracle as Christ’s feeding of the multitudes! The true value of Dr. Young’s arguments is readily evident, if we accept fully the large numbers indicated in our Bibles and calmly face the resultant implications. He has fully shown that the Exodus and wilderness sustenance of Israel cannot be explained statistically on mere human lines; and that is not surprising at all, for the circumstances of the whole Exodus narrative can only be placed reasonably and honestly in the category of the miraculous and the Divine.

Certain points suggested by Dr. Young’s article call for comment:—

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Author: A. E. Jones

Keywords: Exodus, Exodus from Egypt, Population of Israel, Population, Size of the children of Israel, numbers, numbering, numbering the children of Israel, counting

Bible reference(s): Exo 1:12, Exo 12:38, Exo 38:26, Num 1, Numbers 2, Numbers 3, Num 4:36, Num 4:40, Num 4:44, Num 4:48, Numbers 26, Num 31:36, Deu 7:7, Deu 10:22, Josh 6:3-4

Source: “The Miracle and Numbers of the Exodus,” The Testimony, Vol. 8, No. 93, September 1938, pp. 395-7.

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