Rahab (Egypt)

“Rahab” was the name of a mythological sea serpent or dragon, literally the “boisterous one,” referred to a number of times in the Old Testament (Psalms 87:4; 89:10; Job 9:13; 26:12; Isaiah 30:7, 51:9). The name of this monster has not hitherto been discovered in any extrabiblical text. In the Old Testament, Rahab functions similarly to Leviathan, an originally Canaanite chaos monster, but whether these are to be identified or are separate monsters in origin is not entirely clear.

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Author: George Booker

Keywords: Rahab, Egypt, Chaos monster, Dragon

Bible reference(s): Psa 89:10, Job 9:13, Job 26:12, Psa 87:4, Isa 30:7, Psa 87:4, Psa 89:10, Job 9:13, Job 26:12, Isa 30:7, Isa 51:9

Source: “Rahab (Egypt),” The Agora.

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