kō̇-rup ́shun: The Hebrew words משׁחת, mishḥāth, משׁחת, mashḥāth, משׁחית, mashḥīth, and their Greek equivalents, φθορά, phthorá, and διαφθορά, diaphthorá, with numerous derivatives and cognate verbs, imply primarily physical degeneration and decay (Job 17:14; Acts 2:27, etc.). The term שׁחת, shaḥath, which the King James Version translates with “corruption” in Jonah 2:6, ought to be rendered “pit,”. as in Psalms 30:9; 35:7 et passim, while shaḥath belī in Isaiah 38:17 means the “pit of nothingness,” i.e. of destruction.

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Author: International Std. Bible Encyclopedia

Keywords: Corruption

Source: James Orr (editor), The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, 5 volume set.

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