The Pre-existence of Christ

The doctrine of the Trinity naturally involves the idea of the existence of Christ in heaven before his appearance on earth as the babe of Bethlehem to grow up to be the saviour of men.

The idea, however, is usually developed as an independent doctrine in order to lend strength to the argument for Trinitarianism, on the supposition that if the Bible teaches the pre-existence of Christ then that existence must have been sustained by him as a person in the triune Godhead.

If it can be shown that the doctrine of the Trinity is not Scriptural, much of the objective value of the idea of preexistence is lost, and the doctrine depends for its support entirely upon the interpretation given to a number of quotations which are advanced to uphold it.

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Author: J. Sutcliffe

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Source: “The Pre-existence of Christ,” The Testimony, Vol. 5, No. 49, January 1935, pp. 18-21.

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