Justin Martyr's History of Hell

What the early church really believed about the immortality of the soul, “hellfire” and its relevance to today, from the life of Justin Martyr. Who Was Justin Martyr?

Justin (AD 110-165) came from a Greek-speaking Gentile family living in Flavia Neapolis, Biblical Shechem, in Samaria1. This was near Jacob’s Well where Jesus offered another non-Jewish seeker the “living water” of eternal life, the abundant life that comes only through faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour (John 4:10, 14). A well-educated, well-travelled young man, searching for truth, Justin attached himself to a succession of philosophical schools, finally content to be called a follower of Plato.2 That was until (about AD 130)3 he met an old man while walking along the seashore. This unknown man of faith pointed out to Justin some weaknesses in his Platonic system. He showed him how the Old Testament predicted the coming of Christ. Seeing the courage of the martyrs in facing death, Justin was convinced.4

Justin drank for himself from the water of life. Still content to wear his philosopher’s cloak5, as a token of his belief that Christianity was the “true philosophy”, he dedicated the rest of his life to explaining Christianity to the Greeks and the Romans and defending the faith against its intellectual opponents.

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Author: David Burge

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Source: “The History of Hell: Justin Martyr, God’s Philosopher”.

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