James Moffatt and Jephthah's Vow

A Canadian reader sends us the following contribution to the examination of this subject, and we are glad to have this further view-point. He writes:—

“This question was aired in the Testimony some time ago. The need for Jephthah to sacrifice his daughter by death was deemed called for on the strength of Leviticus 27:29.

“Moffatt’s translation is interesting in this connection. ‘And no person, under doom from men, shall be bought off: he must be put to death.’ Moffatt also uses the term ‘doomed’ in Joshua 6:17, in regard to Jericho: ‘It shall be doomed to destruction.’ The Authorised Version gives the word ‘devoted’ in Leviticus 27:29, and ‘accursed’ in Joshua 6:17, with the marginal alternate ‘devoted.’

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Author: P. H. Adams

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Bible reference(s): Leviticus 27:29, Judges 11:30-31, Judges 11:39, Judges 11:34-40, Heb 11:32

Source: “Jephthah’s Vow,” The Testimony, Vol. 13, No. 147, March 1943, pp. 78-80.

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