Rahab (Egypt)

Rahab m.n. (Hebrew: רַהַב, Modern Rahav, Tiberian Rahaḇ; “blusterer” is used in the Hebrew Bible to indicate rage, fierceness, insolence, pride.) Rahab is the emblematic name of Egypt and is also spoken of with the sea. In medieval Jewish folklore, Rahab is a mythical sea monster.

Rahab is a poetical name for Egypt. It might have Egyptian origins that were accommodated to the Hebrew language. However, there is nothing revealing in the Coptic language.

I mention Rahab (Egypt) and Babel to those knowing Me, Lo, Philistia, and Tyre, with Cush! This [one] was born there. (Psalms 87:4)YLT

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Bible reference(s): Psa 89:10, Job 9:13, Job 26:12, Psa 87:4, Isa 30:7, Isa 51:9

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