Belief Before Baptism

Before an infant is baptised (i.e., “christened”), the priest requires three Godparents to testify to their belief in the Apostles’ Creed, and then asks them—in their capacity as sponsors for the child—“Wilt thou (ostensibly the child) be baptised in this faith?” And because the child is much too young to reply, the Godparents are required to say, as from the child, “That is my desire.”

In this otherwise meaningless procedure, there is a recognition by the authorities of the Church of England that only believers are eligible for Christian baptism, and that therefore belief must come before baptism, not after it.

For our own part, we are quite unconvinced that the introduction of believing “Godparents” makes it possible to treat an obviously unbelieving infant as a believer. This device (if we may use the term without giving offence) of believing by proxy is in our judgment entirely foreign to the text and tone of the New Testament, and we cannot regard the modern “christening” ceremony as anything but the baptism of unbelievers, and therefore opposed to the intention of our Lord. (The words “suffer little children to come unto me” had no reference whatever to baptism. We are told merely that Jesus “took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.”)

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Author: P. H. Adams

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Source: “Belief Before Baptism,” The Testimony, Vol. 15, Nos. 170, 172, February, April 1945, pp. 36-8, 73-4.

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